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"My New Normal"

After the experience and recovery of two serious medical events I was faced with some life changes which proved difficult as I was faced with a "new normal." Despite my fortunate survival I felt insecure and anxious of what my future would be like. Prolonged therapies, continued anxiety, and feelings of insecurity, despite encouragement from family and friends, led me to seek additional guidance and encouragement. I was aware of life coaching and had read a recent article about it locally. The concept interested me enough that I sought further information on it and contacted Shanen, a life coach and set up some sessions. This decision has been a big part of my recovery. Unbiased and positive encouragement from an outside party was a good decision for me. Through life coaching I gained insight and was introduced to various coping skills to assist in dealing with my insecurities, self-respect, and temporary shortcomings. Through these coping skills (journal writing, meditation, relaxation, and positive daily affirmation...) I was able to move forward, attain affirmation of self-worth in my new normal, cultivate. Patience and self-love, and gain confidence that I could prevail successfully. The faith my life coach had in me transferred to feelings of self-worth. I thought more about thankfulness and that this new normal actually had a lot of traits in common with my old normal.

It has been a process of gaining confidence and facing the future responsibly. Again, I am now more secure in giving myself, family, and friends the loving, engaged person who still resides within. I have been asked thought provoking questions throughout my sessions which have forced self-evaluation and insight into the future. I AM WORTH IT! It has helped me heal. Through sharing my fears and worries with a life coach I have been reassured that I can face the future with less worry and more satisfaction. I am now able to take time for myself and through coping skills am able to allow myself to heal and move forward, remain engaged and cultivate personal interests. My involvement with a life coach has been beneficial and I'm great full for my involvement with a loving, caring, and positive life coach. Thank you. I feel confident that my life coach has my best interest in mind as she assists me and have no worries about privacy and confidentiality. This has been a positive experience and a blessing for me.


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