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Let's start the conversation

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Start the conversation

Many of us don’t like talking about the type of care we want at the end of our lives. But it’s only through these conversations that we can let people know about the care we want and the things we value.

This can be a difficult subject to bring up with friends and family.

For more tips on how to start the conversation visit the Dying to Talk website.

Questions to think about when planning for end of life

If you haven’t already considered your end-of-life care options, you may want to think about:

  • What do you want for your end-of-life care?

  • Would your loved ones know what you want for your end-of-life care?

  • Who would make decisions about your end-of-life care if you were no longer able to?

You may have other more specific considerations, such as:

  • When the time comes, where would you like to receive care (home, hospice, hospital)?

  • What does your end-of-life care look like? Have you spoken with a health professional about it?

  • Who would you want to be with you when you die?

  • What would be in your advance care plan and/or directive?

  • Who will you choose as your decision maker if you are unable to speak for yourself?

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