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Her Journey to Life Coaching

Her Journey to Respite/Hospice Caregiving

After Shanen’s own experience with a life coach, she felt a profound desire to become a life coach herself. She understands the value of finding happiness in the smallest parts of life and provides others the tools to process emotions. Her previous work as a certified Nursing Assistant with a bachelor's degree in psychology also helped her realize her potential. Shanen's goal is to empower other individuals through life transitions and aid in self-care. Her clients would describe her as someone who is compassionate, patient, and skilled.


Shanen has devoted her life to supporting individuals with advanced illness and their caregivers. Her greatest joy is providing peace and stability for the individuals she works with. Shanen can help ease talking about death & dying and make it more comfortable. It is okay if you don’t know how to ask for or offer support when someone you love is dying; as an end-of-life companion, Shanen can help.

​Having accompanied individuals and families before, during, and after the time of transition from this world allows her to ease this transition for you. She supports individuals, families, and significant others during the end-of-life process.

Her Story

Shanen’s life experiences have given her both the empathy and passion for providing end-of-life care. There are 3 experiences specifically that inspired her to become a respite caregiver and life coach:  

1. Her Grandma's Passing

Shanen’s grandma stopped breathing in front of her, which prompted Shanen to remember the CPR class she had taken at school. Shanen immediately performed CPR on her, but it was already too late. Shanen was responsible for calling the coroner and the processes that followed at the house.

2. Her Dad's Passing

3. Her Mentor's Passing

Shanen saw her dad two days before he passed away suddenly of an aortic aneurysm. She was devastated that she could not be there and has struggled to find closure.

Shanen cared for a mentor of hers who had an inoperable brain tumor. She companioned her for three months until her passing.



  • Volunteer at Gundersen Medical Center in the end of life and hospice unit

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • CNA and EMT trained​​

  • CPR, AED and first aid certified

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