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  • What is a life coach?
    A Life Coach is not a therapist, counselor, consultant or mentor. A Life Coach is a professional who assists clients in designing the life they want by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. Life Coaching is a powerful and inspirational way to help you achieve greater fulfillment, cultivate your passion for life, and function at your best. The Life Coach is 100% dedicated to you and your future. They will listen, encourage, support and motivate you. The emphasis is on your well-being. Finding happiness in your work/life is the measurement of success.
  • How is personal life coaching different from counseling?
    A Life Coach helps move a client forward to reach his or her goal. Taking action towards those goals is the main focus. Meanwhile, the counselor explores the client’s past to find the origin of problems, and looks at ways to develop new strategies to confront those problems.
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with women going through daily struggles and are experiencing major life transitions. They are willing to go through a transformational process to get to the next level emotionally and spiritually and I help them make meaningful and better choices. Transformational goals are set to bring about significant and lasting change.
  • How many life coaching sessions will I need?
    This depends on what you want to achieve with your coaching. Coaching can last for three months to a year or more. If you are looking to make a significant and lasting change, I encourage clients to make a minimum three-month commitment for optimal results.
  • What is a respite caregiver?
    A respite caregiver allows you to have a break. In hard times, it is crucial to also take care of ourselves. I am a strong believer in self-care and taking the rights steps towards coping with emotions and achieving peace.
  • Why should I choose respite care?
    Having accompanied individuals and families before, during, and after the time of transition from this world, I have learned the importance of support and self-care. I support individuals, families and significant others during end of life, by: • Companion hospice patients and caregivers • Supporting the spiritual journey (addressing fears and concerns) • Life Review and Legacy Leaving (memory making: photo album, video, etc.) • Intentional planning for the end of life journey • Planning end of life celebrations and rituals • Funeral and/or vigil planning and personal property assistance • Advanced directives
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