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"The Final Scared Journey with Dad"

Shanen provided quality, compassionate, and skilled services to my father, and family, during his final months of life. Without any family members living in the area, our father faced challenges living at home alone. Shanen regularly assisted him with household tasks and provided welcomed companionship in between our visits.

During one visit, Shanen was able to ascertain that my father needed emergency medical attention and facilitated his hospital admission. She was a valuable member of the family team in his care planning, including his placement in a hospice facility.

During his three-months in hospice, Shanen provided meaningful support to my father with frequent visits. With depth of understanding and a keen sensitivity to the individual, she guided his end-of-life process, encouraged him, and prayed with him. Her comforting presence uplifted my father and gave the family invaluable peace of mind.

We were blessed that Shanen was available to share her gifts with us throughout our journey.

Susan S.

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