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The Journey Within Life Coaching

Shanen Kazynski opens The Journey Within Life Coaching

Drawing on her life experiences in caring for a family member with disabilities, her bachelor of science degree, and life coaching training, Shanen Kazynski has opened The Journey Within Life Coaching service.

“Anyone can benefit from life coaching, whether you’re in ‘a good place’ in your life or not. Life coaching is about identifying and reaching your personal growth goals,” she said.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Viterbo University, she is a certified Life Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and has completed coursework through the Franciscan Spirituality Center, including The Journey to Wholeness course, Servant Leadership and Enneagram, which helps define different personality types.

Her related life experience began with a family member, who was born with disabilities and even required airlifting to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota.

This family member was fed through a feeding tube and at a year weighed only 12 pounds. He was diagnosed with anorexia, which led to working with a behavioral nutritionist. He has gained 14 pounds in the last year and is doing very well.

Kazynski opened a child care, which she operated for 13 years and also worked six years as a medical assistant in pediatrics, family practice and obstetrics/gynecology.

Among her more than 70 clients, is Mrs. Lamb-Vosen, who worked in the La Crosse community for decades before suffering a stroke four years ago? Vosen and Kazynski met as affiliates for the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA) for many years.

“She is one of many clients I have coached through networking with the FSPA affiliates,” the life coach said.

“Shanen has been a remarkable influence in my life. You never know where life is going to bring you,” Vosen said. “Her positive energy, support, and experience has inspired me in so many ways. I am thankful for her being a part of my journey

Kazynski is very aware of how our thoughts affect how we respond to difficulties in life. “Life happens,” she said. “Your thoughts attract your reality, and your emotions and thoughts impact your life. I want to help my clients uncover the tools, resources and courage within themselves to manage issues, find happiness and peace even when it seems impossible. I want to help them make positive, lasting changes in their lives.”

Through the coaching process, she helps clients:

· Be inspired, and motivated to become accountable for their own actions.

· Feel supported.

· Be encouraged to answer tough questions to lend clarity to your life.

· Learn to be honest with yourself, mindful and present.

· Discover your own truth.

· Embrace positive thinking.

· Move through blocks and obstacles.

· Understand the impact emotions have on your life.

· Work to become your true self.

“This service is right for those who sometimes feel like a victim of their circumstances, or are dealing with a challenging lire transition, such as going back to work or a career change, divorce, going back to school, death of loved ones, dealing with medical issues, aging parents, ill child or partner, and or a child diagnosed with a disability,” she said. “Or a client wants to live his or her best life possible, reach goals and realize your true self.”

Contact: Shanen Kazynski, info@

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