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Aging Gracefully Expo

Here in La Crosse and around the world, there is a revolution happening, a kind of awakening with regard to how we approach death. In the US, baby boomers are aging or are caring for aging parents. As they have done throughout their lives, the boomers are demanding cultural change. They want a better way to support those people moving through the dying process. The death of a loved one may be the most significant experiences of life, but as a society, we are uneasy with the end of issues. Many people are uncomfortable talking about death and don't know how to ask for or offer support when someone they love is dying. Having accompanied individuals and their families before, during and after the time of transition from this world, I can tell you there is no more significant

work for a life coach than end-of-life coaching Life I support individual, families and significant others during their end- -of -life

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