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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

It has been a process of gaining confidence and facing the future responsibly. Again, I am now more secure in giving myself , family, and friends the loving, engaged person who still resides within. I have been asked thought provoking questions throughout my sessions which have forced self-evaluation and insight into the future. I AM WORTH IT! It has helped me heal. Through sharing my fears and worries with a life coach I have been reassured that I can face the future with less worry and more satisfaction. I am now able to take time for myself and through coping skills am able to allow myself to heal and move forward, remain engaged and cultivate personal interests. My involvement with a life coach has been beneficial and I'm great full for my involvement with a loving, caring, and positive life coach. Thank you. I feel confident that my life coach has my best interest in mind as she assists me and have no worries about privacy and confidentiality. This has been a positive experience and a blessing for me. Pauline

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