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Serving the Dying: End-of Life Coach

Love and death are about letting go, and by choosing to hold hands with the dying we open both gifts.

End-of-Life Coach

The death of a loved one may be one of the most significant experiences of life, but as a society, we are uneasy with end of life issues. Many people are uncomfortable talking about death and don’t know how to ask for or offer support when someone they love is dying. Having accompanied individuals and families before, during and after the time of transition from this world, I can tell you there is no more significant work for a life coach than end of life coaching. I support individuals, families and significant others during end of life, by:

· Companion hospice patients and caregivers

· Supporting the spiritual journey (addressing fears and concerns)

· Life Review and Legacy Leaving (memory making: photo album, video, etc.)

· Intentional planning for the end of life journey

· Planning end of life celebrations and rituals

· Funeral and/or vigil planning and personal property assistance

· Advanced directives

· If you care to talk about any of these services, please contact me at I look forward to having the opportunity to see if I can meet some of your needs.

· Cost? Adjusted to individual needs and services

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