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About Me

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Shanen Baures

My journey to becoming a life coach began because I was afraid to close my business, to make a change. I had concerns about income, and I was worried about starting school…and then I discovered life coaching. My coach helped motivate and inspire me. I had a calling to do something different because I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing…I was feeling negative, depressed…my coach helped me work through this decision.

Already having a bachelors degree in Psychology and experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I decided to become a Certified Life Coach. After coaching, I felt my life come into alignment and I got the chills…that helped me know I was on the right path. 

My coach helped empower me to make this decision for myself. Now, I have all this confidence, and it helped me learn so much. Being coached helped me in my personal, and professional life. Now, I don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m happy. I’m at peace. While I still have my “days,” now I’m better able to understand my emotions and I have the tools and processes to help me deal with them. Because of this experience, I now want to help others realize their true happiness.” 


Life Transitions



Relationship Difficulties

Difficulties with Self-Esteem

Professional/Career Issues

College/Graduate School Issues

Anxiety and Phobias

Medical and Health Concerns

Stress Management

Women's Issues

Other Issues 

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