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I Stumbled Upon The Journey Within

During the summer of 2017, I stumbled upon The Journey Within while attending a doctor’s appointment. One could say this was a coincidence, while I would say this was a sign – a fortuitous accident which led me to find Shanen when I needed her most.

For a while now, I have felt confused and overwhelmed by life. I felt that I had 1,000+ thoughts circling in my head, unable to land on anything tangible. I didn’t feel like myself, and while I knew I needed to make a change, I didn’t know how to do that.

I met with Shanen on a regular basis, and her approach to our sessions together were a combination of coaching, counseling, and empowerment. I was the driver of the sessions, which allowed me to articulate what mattered to me and what my goals were. Shanen gave practical exercises which helped me realign my thinking; all of the tools and exercises we went through were ones that I can continue to use on my own whenever I need assistance. That’s part of the beauty of the relationship I built with Shanen – it was an empowering journey that helped me rediscover myself through her guidance and won’t diminish after the sessions have come to an end. I’m not left stranded simply because I meet with Shanen less frequently. Our coaching sessions built upon each other and were practical and useful.

Finding Shanen was just what I needed. Through her coaching, I was able to calm the thoughts in my head and focus on what I truly wanted and needed through all of the fog I had been experiencing. I was able to re-learn how to listen to myself and felt my confidence in myself growing. I could once again hear what my heart was telling me and re-learned how to find my own truth. While this journey is on-going and ever changing, I know feel more aligned and better equipped to tackle the road ahead.

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